Apology Letters

   Apology For Anxiety

Dear {Name},

I am so mortified that you had to witness my panic attack the other day, yet I am so grateful that you showed me such deep compassion as I worked to collect myself.

I have suffered from severe anxiety in {situations} since {time period/event}. You had the misfortune to be around when I was triggered by {internal/external situation}.

The grace and poise you showed really touched my heart. I'm not sure how the situation would have played out if you hadn't been there for me. I especially appreciate you {specific action}.

Regardless, I'm sure the incident was embarrassing for you, and obviously you were inconvenienced. I know you said it's OK, but I'm still sorry. It's not your job to "fix" me when I get like that. I want you to know that while I acknowledge that to some degree my anxiety will always have a hold on me, I continue to pursue {therapy/medication/measures} to limit these extreme attacks.

Thank you again. You are truly a trusted {friend/family member/colleague} and ally.



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