Apology Letters

   Apology For Condition Of House Or Yard

Dear {HOA board or neighbors},

I am sending everyone on the block this letter apologizing for the condition of my {home/lawn/driveway}.

I never meant for my property to {fall into disrepair/become overgrown/etc.}. You may not have heard, but during the past {time period}, my family has been dealing with a personal crisis. {Explain illness, working extra job, travel, etc.}.

{Neighbor name} approached me and offered to {cut my lawn/power wash my driveway/etc.}. I literally broke into tears, ashamed and grateful at the same time.

With the help of {Neighbor name}, I have come up with a plan for getting things spruced up. I expect it will take until {date}. In normal times, I really do have pride in my home, and I value being a part of this wonderful neighborhood.

Thank you for any grace you can extend as my family continues to deal with what we hope is a short-term situation.



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