Apology Letters

   Apology For Delayed Product Launch

Dear {Customer},

As {CEO/owner/etc.} of {Company}, I have been looking forward to the anticipated launch of {Product Name} by {date or season}. I’m disappointed to share that we are not going to be able to meet that timeline. We now anticipate that the product will {ship/be in stores} by {time period}.

I know that you put your trust in us when you {placed your preorder/supported crowdfunding/planned project/etc.}. If you can no longer wait for the product, {options such as refund}. However, I hope that you can be patient a little longer, as this launch is going to be like no other!

Although we needed this additional time for {testing/supply chain issues/manufacturing/etc.}, everything is now in place and we have made no compromises in the quality of the product. Thank you so much for your support.



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