Apology Letters

   Apology For Illegal Dumping

Dear {Government Entity or Judge},

I would like to formally apologize for my role in the illegal dumping of {object(s)} on {property location} on {date}.

I am truly remorseful, and I fully understand the harm my actions have caused or could have caused to the community and the environment. I am ashamed that I made the {mindset} decision to act so disrespectfully in my own self-interest. I was thinking of {time/fees/peer pressure/etc.} rather than being respectful.

My misjudgment was an isolated incident for which I feel a great deal of shame. You can rest assured that I will never again participate in illegal dumping. My actions on {date} do not reflect my values.

I accept full responsibility and will pay all assessed fines or restitution immediately. Moreover, I stand ready to make amends via community service such as {cleanup/educational outreach/etc.} as it pleases the {court/municipality}.



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