Apology Letters

   Apology For Misbehavior On Airplane

Dear {Airline},

It is with great sincerity that I humbly apologize for my egregious behavior on flight {number} on {date}. My words and actions were unacceptable, and I am sorry for the effect they had on the flight attendants as well as my fellow passengers.

I have been informed that I am banned from further travel on {airline}. While I understand that this is the usual course of action for breaking rules at {business}, I would like to prevail upon your leadership to reconsider.

I am so sorry that I {was disruptive/intoxicated/didn’t follow directions/sexually harassed someone/was barefoot/wore lewd clothing/made a voice call during takeoff/attempted to use tobacco products/etc.}.

I’d like to add a little context, but my intent is not to deflect or minimize my responsibility. While indeed I {bad behavior}, my actions were in part due to {grief/low blood sugar/unusual trigger/etc.}. I assure you that if I were granted the grace to return to {airline}, I would be a model passenger.

If I am unable to fly on {airline}, I will {incur large expenses/not be able to visit my family/lose my job/etc.}.

Thank you very much for considering reinstating my flying privileges.



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