Apology Letters

   Apology For Not Being More Clear

Dear {coworker or employee},

I am sorry I was not more clear. Thinking back over our conversation when I asked you to {project/action/etc.}, I realize that my directions could have been misinterpreted.

What I mean was {action}. As soon as I saw that you instead {action}, I knew where our communication had broken down.

Us not being on the same page resulted in {expense/time loss/angry client/etc.}. I take partial responsibility for this, of course. I would also like to point out, however, that if you are ever unclear about a task I have assigned, do not hesitate to come to me for clarification. I would rather be “bothered” than have to clean up a mess later.

We are now going to need to {work late/sell more product/kiss up to client/etc.} to make up for this. As amends for my role in this fiasco, {drinks/dinner} is on me afterward.

In the future I’ll be more clear, and someday we will laugh about this.



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