Apology Letters

   Apology For Serial Harassment

I have failed, both as a {leader/celebrity/other public figure} and as a human being. Even worse, I’ve failed repeatedly.

It has taken multiple accusations, criminal charges, and court-ordered therapy for me to finally come to terms with the fact that I am a serial harasser.

My behavior toward coworkers, subordinates, and others has been abhorrent. Specifically, I am guilty of {specific transgressions of harassment}.

I am deeply sorry for my actions, and I deserve the punishment that is coming to me from the legal system. I also deserve the disdain of the public, along with that of the many people who fought so hard over the years to be believed.

I could go into some of the factors that led to me becoming the type of person who does these things. There was the {formative childhood situation} as well as {additional factor or excuse}.

The bottom line is, none of that matters. I victimized people, and I lied about it. Again and again.

If it takes me until my dying day, I vow to become a better person.

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