Apology Letters

   Apology For Taking Advantage Child Care

Dear {Name},

I'm so sorry for assuming you would watch {child} yesterday. You have been so generous with your time, and given how much {child} enjoys playing with {recipient's child} and {child}, I think I allowed my mind to consider these visits as playdates, rather than child care.

I was so embarrassed when I took a breath, checked my calendar, and realized how lopsided our friendship has been lately. I haven't had {recipient's child} over since {date}! I know you are not my personal babysitter and I am so sorry for taking advantage of you.

I would love to have {recipient's child} over as soon as is convenient for you. Also, please let me compensate you in some way. If not money, then let me know what would work for you: snacks, gift cards, etc.? Which reminds me, you and I are way overdue for a girls' night out. I miss you!

Your friend,


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