Apology Letters

   Apology For Taking Credit For Idea

Dear {Coworker},

I would like to apologize for my behavior in the {topic} meeting. I {immediately/later} realized that I had {intentionally/inadvertently} taken credit for your idea.

While I had conceived of {small portion of idea}, it was you who truly came up with the elements that brought it all together in a way that will lead to success. I don’t know if it was my ego, or simply excitement about the possibilities for the project, but I talked over you in the meeting and ultimately took credit for your concept.

I have already reached out to {boss/coworkers} to clarify that I had little to no role in coming up with the idea, and to reiterate that it was you who should be solely credited.

Again, I am sorry and will ensure that nothing like this happens again.



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