Apology Letters

   Apology For Wrongful Conviction

This statement is intended to serve as a formal apology to {exonerated individual}. They were wrongfully convicted. This innocent individual should never have been charged, much less convicted. Their conviction and sentence has been vacated with the full support of {entity}.

It was due to the {missteps/tunnel vision/incompetence/bad jury instructions/etc.} of {law enforcement/prosecutors/legal system} that {exonerated individual} served {number} years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit.

It is thanks to the tireless efforts of {advocacy group}, as well as {DNA testing/witness recantations/etc.}, that the truth finally came to light. And it is a truth that, based on the evidence, should have been clear all along.

Nothing that can be said today can bring back the last {number} years of {exonerated individual}’s life. Still, {entity} offers this apology, be it wholly inadequate.

{Entity} wishes only peace and happiness to {exonerated individual} as they reunite with their family and reintegrate into society.

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