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   Apology Letter Alcoholic 12 Steps

Dear {Name},

I hope that all is well with you and yours. I am writing to you now because I am in addiction recovery, and am working through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. My aim is to try as best I can to fix my past mistakes so that I can move forward.

I know that my harmful behaviors caused you pain, and I accept complete responsibility for that. Specifically, I showed up drunk to your anniversary party, causing embarrassment to you, your wife, and your guests. I deeply regret my behavior on what should have been a special evening all about you and your family.

Also, in 2003, you lent me $200 that I have never repaid. I have enclosed a money order for $100 with this letter, and I will send you another money order for $100 after the first of the month. I have also considered interest accrued on this debt and will send you an additional $50 two months from now.

While I truly hope that you can one day forgive me and that we can be friends again, my purpose of this letter is simply to express my regret and try to make amends. Thank you for listening.



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