Apology Letters

   Apology Letter For Being Rude To Dog

Dear {Name},

I am writing to tell you how much I regret my behavior toward your treasured German Shepherd, Otis.

Although I was a guest in your home, I failed to respect that it is Otis' home as well. I am not sure why I assumed that he would not be indoors when I dropped by on Monday.

I am embarrassed to admit that, since a childhood bite to my leg, I have been dreadfully afraid of dogs. When Otis approached me suddenly, I flashed back to that incident, and lashed out reflexively. I hope you know that I would never consciously have kicked your pet, or hurt any animal. I don't think that I hurt Otis physically, but I know that my scream must have scared him.

I think that next time we visit, it would be best if you came by my place, considering how irrationally I behaved at your home.



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