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   Apology Letter For Flaking

Dear {Name},

I cannot apologize enough for flaking on my responsibilities with the school fundraising luncheon. I made a commitment, and I did not honor it. This is not the type of person I strive to be, and yet I find that I have put you and the organization of the position of scrambling to make up for my lack of planning.

Specifically, please accept my sincere regrets that I didn't follow through with arranging the caterer, as I had promised to do three months ago. Even though the caterer the PTA had agreed upon has been booked for the night we wanted her, I would be happy to contact the caterers on our "B List" to see if it's not too late to book them for the event date at a price that is within our budget.

I can promise you that your trust in me will not be misplaced, and that my inconsiderate oversight was a one-time thing. Please don't take this as an excuse, but I should have anticipated that caring for a newborn and a kindergartner would leave me frazzled.



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