Apology Letters

   Apology Letter for Flirting

Dear {Mr./Mrs. Name},

I need to tell you something and it's easier to do it in writing: I'm so sorry. I feel like I created a whole horrible situation out of something that never meant a thing. I want to say that I wasn't trying to start anything by flirting with {Boyfriend's Name}, because I wasn't. I want to say that I value your friendship more than any guy, because I do. But that isn't really what I want to say the most.

Mostly I want to say that I'm sorry. It wasn't cool for me to behave like that with {Boyfriend's Name} and I feel terrible that I hurt you this much. I never want to be the one to make you feel bad. So while I want to assure you that the flirting was innocent, mostly I want to just apologize and promise you that it will never happen again.



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