Apology Letters

   Apology Letter from Church

Dear {Mr./Mrs. Name},

Church is like family: it is a place where you should feel safe, supported and loved unconditionally. It has been {amount of time} since we last saw you at services and I worry that you are somehow feeling an absence of the safety, support and love that we strive to create in our community.

If I have caused you any offense then I assure you that it was accidental. {Pastors/Priests/Reverends} are fallible people too and I would hate to think that any jokes or comments I may have made would keep you from your spiritual family. We miss you here and would love to see you back again.

I would love to meet with you sometime and catch up with you and your new situation. Please remember that, like family, the church is always waiting for you if you ever want to come back home.



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