Apology Letters

   Apology Letter to Former Employer

Dear {Mr./Mrs. Name},

I am writing this letter because I feel badly about the way that our professional relationship ended. The reason that I {took another position/didn't give much notice/quit unceremoniously, etc.} had nothing to do you or the company. I always felt that I was treated very respectfully and professionally at {Company Name}. However, {I didn't want to miss a great opportunity/I had to take care of a love one/I had to move quickly, etc.}

While leaving my position at {Company Name} allowed me that opportunity, I also realize that it was inconvenient and difficult for you. I would like to apologize for any problems my abrupt departure caused.

I was hoping that I might buy you lunch or coffee sometime this next week. Despite the way we parted, I genuinely enjoyed working under your supervision and I know that I was a good, hard-working employee during my tenure. I would very much like to clear the air between us if you have the time.

I will contact your office early in the week and inquire as to your availability. Thank you.



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