Apology Letters

   Apology Letter to Get Job Back

Dear {Mr./Mrs. Name},

I would like to start off by apologizing deeply for {rude remark/unprofessional behavior/minor offense or violation, etc.} It was unprofessional and certainly warranted punishment. I know that such behavior reflected badly not only on me but on you and the company as a whole and I am sincerely sorry for that.

However, I still feel that I have a lot to offer {Company Name}. I have been responsible for {statistics of improvements/contributions} over the last {amount of time working there}. More importantly, {Company Name} is like home to me and I have always been loyal to it.

I know that this lapse in judgment was a bad one, but please keep in mind my track record up until now and {extenuating circumstances leading to problem action}. This job has been a very important part of my life and I would hate to lose it over a momentary bad decision.

I would like to meet with you and discuss this further, perhaps over lunch sometime this week. I will contact your office in the next few days, but if you prefer not to see me then let me just say that it has been a privilege working for you and I wish your company the best.



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