Apology Letters

   Apology Lying On Resume

Dear {Name},

I cannot apologize enough for the inaccurate information on my resume. I know that when I was hired, it was based in part of the experience and skills I represented there.

I am not in the habit of lying or misrepresenting myself. When I drafted the resume I included {information} and, to my dismay, I realize now that I {mistakenly listed certifications I didn't complete/extended dates to cover a work gap/said I graduated when I still have two classes left/etc.}. There is no good excuse for this; I was careless and I don't blame you for {being upset/wanting to fire me}.

Please give me the chance to prove that, while my resume wasn't entirely reflective of my qualifications, I can still do the job for which I was hired. In fact, by all accounts I have been performing well at {company/entity} for {period of time}. Rest assured that my lack of attention to detail in my resume has not carried over to my position.



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