Apology Letters

   Apology for Addiction


Dear {Name},

For a long time I couldn't say this, but now I find myself needing to say it every day: I'm an addict. I take responsibility for it now. And part of that responsibility means making amends for the people I've hurt and the damage I have caused as a result of that addiction.

I am so sorry for {action/behavior}. I was selfish, and destructive, and completely oblivious to your needs and feelings. The {addiction type} made me the worst version of myself, and I was oblivious to the consequences.

I know that I've hurt you, and it sickens me to be the cause of so much pain. I know that I can't make up for it with words, but I want you to know that I am working hard to make sure that it never happens again. I love and care for you, and I want to try to make things right.

I won't ask you for forgiveness. All I can say is that I am truly sorry, and that I'm striving to make sure that my addiction is never in control again.



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