Apology Letters

   Apology for Everything

Dear {Name},

I can't apologize for everything. Mostly because it would take too long to list every horrible thing I've put you through. At some point it just becomes self-flagellation, which I know you don't need right now. Sometimes an apology is just a way to make the person apologizing feel better.

But I'd like to apologize anyway, because you deserve the acknowledgement that you are blameless in this. So I'm sorry. For all of it. You are so important to me and I made your life worse instead of better. I just assumed that you would put up with my bad behavior and support me when I needed you to. I took you for granted and I didn't give anything back.

I'm not sure there's a way to come back from this. I've made a mess of things and I feel terrible all the time at the thought that I've done nothing but cause other people pain. I want you to know that I realize now how toxic I've been. I only want you to be happy. If that means staying away from you, I understand. Whether or not it matters anymore, I really am sorry for everything.



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