Apology Letters

   Clueless Apology Letter

So, I feel like I need to apologize.

I know that I can be {blunt/clueless/self-centered/bad at reading people/etc.}. I've noticed you {distancing yourself/being short with me/etc.} lately and I assume that you are mad or frustrated about something I said or did.

Our relationship is important to me, and I hope that you will always feel comfortable coming to me and talking things out. I hate when there are tensions in the air and I don't even know what I've done wrong. I have no problem apologizing for my missteps or hurtful behavior. But I need to know about them; please don't assume that I can intuit everything. I'm not a natural empath, and in fact {other issue}.

Please let me know if I'm over-processing here.

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