Apology Letters

   Insincere Apology Letter for Plagiarism


Dear {Teacher/School},

I'm very sorry that I plagiarized my {subject} paper. It was discourteous to my fellow classmates, who worked hard on their essays, did the proper research and cited their sources. It was theft to the writers who had the thought in the first place, and it was disrespectful to you.

I'm sorry to have wasted your time with an idea that wasn't mine. I shouldn't have tried to use short cuts in my education. I see now that I was simply making things harder on myself. If you will allow me a second chance, I will work to prove to you that I can create ideas of similar caliber, all on my own.

Did you like that? It's a pretty good letter, right? Moving and properly contrite? Well, guess what? I plagiarized it off the internet! Yeah, there are whole fill-in-the-blank websites devoted to just this kind of cheating. Ironic, right?

Next time I turn in an essay to you, I will work hard to show you that it is my original work. Some of that hard work will include making sure that the paragraphs I ripped off of the internet are actually the same size and font as the rest of my essay. That was a rookie mistake.

Sorry again and stuff. I look forward to filling out my teacher evaluation card at the end of the term. Please believe me when I say that those words will be entirely my own.



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