Apology Letters

   Response Apology Academic Discipline

Dear {Name},

I have received your apology for {incident/violation/etc.}.

While I appreciate the fact that you are taking responsibility for your actions, I must inform you that {action taken}.

{University/School Name} did not make this decision lightly. It was only after consulting with {deans/professor/ethics committed/etc.} that we determined the appropriate consequence.

Effectively, this means that: {you have been sanctioned/this goes on your Conduct Record/you are expelled/etc.}.

You do have the option to request {administrative hearing/Peer Review Board/etc.}. Please reach out to {Name or Department} if you wish to proceed. You can also consult {online resource}.

Again, thank you for your apology. While you did make a terrible mistake, owning up to it shows character. I am confident that, given {time/maturity/etc.}, you will rebound and eventually reach your academic goals.



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